4 Things You Should Do If You Get Arrested In Thailand

Thailand has an interesting culture and wonderful people and sights. The beaches and the food, along with the Thai smile should be an experience to be cherished for a life time. But many expats do get arrested in Thailand for minor offences or even heinous crimes. It is not in a tourist’s wish list to get arrested, but many do land up behind bars unwittingly. The police in Thailand can run a criminal record check on you and you may want to seek out for the services of a law firm in Thailand.

A Law Firm in Thailand.

Here are the top 4 things you should do when you have been arrested in Thailand:

1- Call a lawyer almost immediately after the arrest. The Thai police are extremely draconian and may stop you from calling over any lawyer for legal expertise. Despite this, you have the right to get a lawyer for yourself. The Thai lawyer will be able to defend you on Thai laws and policies.

2- Do not sign any guilty plea before the lawyers come over to you. Any document or a statement written in Thai must be first checked and vetted by a Thai lawyer. Thai law warrants foreigners to have access to interpreters and the law enforcement cannot force you to sign a document at any time.

3- Never discuss the residence and hotel address with anybody after your arrest. The police will certainly ask you about your place of stay, it is imperative that you do not voluntarily give this information out. This information may be only given out after a consultation with your lawyer.

4- Finally, be polite and never show emotion. When your Thai lawyer does arrive, you should sound friendly and cooperative rather than angry and combative.


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