5 Best Places For The Newly Weds To Visit In Thailand

Are you planning for an exotic honeymoon in Thailand? Then, no place can be better than Thailand. As per its total area of 198,120 square meters, Thailand is considered as the 51st largest country in the world. The north of the country constitutes of the mountains, the northeast is bordered by the plateau and the central Thailand is the river valley that runs into the Gulf of Thailand. So what are you waiting for applying for Thailand Marriage Visa and enjoy with your loved one?

Its geographical location has made it one of the top countries for the newlyweds to celebrate their honeymoon. To know more about the places you should visit, read on!

1. Chiang Rai

Mueng Chiang Rai is located on the flat alluvial plain of the Mae Kok river. It experiences a tropical wet and dry climate. This place is recommended as a honeymoon destination for its beautiful scenery and amazing depiction of art and culture. The most happening places here are:

  • The Night Bazaar
  • The Lion Hill
  • The Saturday Night Walking Street

The Night Bazaar Chiang Rai

2. Rayong

If you are fond of beaches, seafood, and shopping, then Rayong is just the best place to explore. The soothing and pleasant weather of Rayong will definitely captivate your senses and make your trip a memorable one. Either you want to sit and relax be the sea-side or munch on delicious seafood, Rayong will truly stand up to your expectation.

Rayong Thailand
Image Credit: http://tropical-beach-ban-phe-rayong-thailand.marquetteturner.com

3. Bangkok

Visit Bangkok! The capital of Thailand. It is located on the Chao Phraya River delta situated in Thailand’s central plains. It experiences the tropical savanna climate and can be visited at any time around the year. Its rich culture and attractive tourist places have made Bangkok a must visit for the newlyweds.

Chao Phraya River of Bangkok

4. Pattaya

Come to Pattaya and lose yourself in its tranquillity. It is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It consists of various tourist attraction that includes beaches, holy temples, the floating market, underwater world, and much more. You can easily book yourself a luxury suite in Pattaya and enjoy the trip with your spouse.

Couple in Pattaya


5. Si Thep District

Do you and your spouse love exploring the historic culture of Thailand? If yes, then the Si Thep District is just the right place to visit. The district consists of famous architectures and archaeological sites that will mesmerize your trip and make you long for more.

Si Thep Historical Park

There are many places in Thailand that you can visit, these 5 are the best and the unexplored ones. Do you wish to get married in Thailand? Apply for a marriage visa now!


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