5 Common Business Etiquettes To Follow In Thailand

Building a strong relationship with clients is an essential factor of doing business in Thailand. As said, “ the first impression is always the last impression”, so while doing business in Thailand your first approach to the Thais should be strong.

When you are meeting your Thai client for the first time, it is important to keep a good body language, follow common courtesies and attend to every small detail. This helps you in building a long lasting relationship.

To help you out, we are going to discuss the 5 common business etiquettes that you need to follow when doing business in Thailand.

1. Bestow Greetings

Thais do not prefer the regular handshaking as a formal greeting. To greet your Thai delegate, you should be familiar with the “wai” greeting. This form of greeting is given by a person of the lower status to a person of a higher status and vice a versa. If you are not well aware of this form of greeting, do not perform it, as this may hurt the sentiments of your clients. A simple nod and a smile of acknowledgement will help you here.

Bestow Greetings
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2. Be Disciplined And Particular With Time

When you are meeting your Thai business delegate in his office, arrive on time or even few minutes earlier. Thais are very particular about time. During the meeting, straight away do not start talking business, talk about random topics such as, discuss family, discuss the last night sports match or you can even talk about Thailand.

Businessman Particular With Time

3. Exchange Business Cards

Visiting cards or business cards are preferred by Thai entrepreneurs. When exchanging the business cards, present the first one to the most senior person in the meeting. One side of your business card should be in Thai. Remember to mention your first name clearly.

Exchange Business Cards
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4. Dress Properly

When you are attending a Thai business meeting, dress up formally. Casual wear during a business meeting is not entertained by Thai delegates. Remember to always open your shoes when you are entering the home of your business delegate.

Dress Properly

5. Do Not Disrespect The Thai Royal Family

The Thai royal family is highly respectable and praised in Thailand. So, when you are meeting with a Thai business delegate, remember not to crack jokes or pass any negative comment about the royal family.

Thai Royal Family

Thai people are very particular in selecting their business partner, and once they do build a strong relation, they maintain it for a long time. The key rule to succeed in your business venture is by following these common business etiquettes.

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