5 Steps To Set Up Your Import – Export Business in Thailand

Setting up an import/export business in Thailand is considered as a major step to take towards success in your career. Thailand gives you a wide range of opportunities to start a business of your own. But, before starting up a business you need to take care of certain steps in order to make you venture a grand success.

To give you a broader explanation on each of the step read on!


1. Decide What Business Are You Willing To Set Up

Start Up Business Ideas

As mentioned earlier, Thailand is the land of opportunities giving you a chance to set up a business of your own. But, the first thing that should be considered is what type of business do you want to set up? When deciding on the business you will have to keep in mind not only the profit but also the risks your business might be facing. Depending on these factors decide wisely and think over which business can you handle in the booming market of Thailand.

2. Get Your Business Registered With The Government

Get Business Registered

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The government of Thailand is very strict with rules and regulations. Thus, if you are planning to set up an import/export business here, you will have to first get your business registered and achieve a licensing for the same. To help you get through the licensing procedure, you can easily contact any law firm in Thailand. Search for a reliable one in town and sign up with them as soon as possible.

3. Choose A Target Audience

A Target Audience

After you have decided on the type of business you are willing to set up and have completed its registration with the Thai government, now comes the time when you have to choose a target audience for your business. Look out for what is demanded by the market. Once you come to know about it, you will also understand your target audience and thus be able to start your business.

4. Strengthen Your Networking

Strengthen NetworkingThe profit and success of any import/export business depend on strong networking. This mean that the owner should establish both foreign as well as domestic contacts in a niche. Though the step is time-consuming, but exceptionally beneficial for your business. First of all, you have to create a list of all the foreign and domestic businesses in your chosen area and then start a good marketing campaign. When you do so, do not forget to follow up with them on conversations and agreements.

5. Determine Your Clients Needs And Product Offering

Understand Client Need & Product Offering

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The contacts you have established from the previous step connect with them and get to know about their needs and the products they will be offering. Directly contact the manager of purchasing and sales to find out what product do they have to offer to the foreign buyers and what products are they willing to purchase from them.

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