5 Things You Should Never Do When in Ancient Sites of Thailand

Once you have that tourist visa in Thailand, you should be able to travel around Thailand’s exquisite religious and cultural heritage. Most Thai people are conservative and careful when it comes to protecting the icons of religion and culture. They are a proud people who believe in preserving tradition and forging ahead in modern times.


Temple in Thailand
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Here are a list of things you should never do when visiting Thailand’s best monuments of culture and ancient religion:

1. When visiting any of the famous Wats or temples in Thailand, remember to take your shoes off at the entrance. Thais are extremely cautious about paying homage to their Gods and wearing shoes inside the temple premises is a strict no. If you are a woman, you should also be careful about stepping inside in shorts, short skirts and bikini. Tank tops and tube tops are also not allowed inside temples.

2. When it comes to paying obeisance to the Thai monarch, most people take his name with respect. He is known as the royal highness and his photographs are not circulated randomly. It is also imperative that you do not speak about him in bad light or even criticize publicly. This could simply land you in jail in Thailand.

3. Respect and pay your tributes to all images and posters of Lord Buddha whenever you are on the move in Thailand. You cannot pose inappropriately in front of these images and desecrate the holy god.

4. Wearing the Thai flag or even stamping on it, destroying it completely may invoke a hefty fine and a jail term.

5. Do not pose with monks and try to get too friendly with them. The monks are the most revered people in Thailand and you should pay proper respect to them by using the traditional Wai hand movement.

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