6 Things to Know About Work Permit in Thailand

With a work permit in Bangkok, a non-Thai citizen can easily get a job or run a business in Bangkok or any other place in Thailand. One must obtain work permit or a work visa to legally work in Thailand. If you are willing to work in Thailand or want to establish a business there, it is important to be informed about the process and other requirements for obtaining a work permit.  Here are a few tips to help you with that:

work permit BangkokYou must obtain a non-immigrant visa before you apply for a work permit. You must fulfill the following criteria to a work permit:

1. Your employer has a registered capital of 200,000 Baht.

2. The business entity you will be working for has paid minimum 5,000,000 Baht as income tax to the Revenue department in the past 3 years.

3. If the business entity is engaged in export business and makes a payment in foreign currency equivalent to 3,000,000 in the previous year. For each 3,000,000 Baht, a business establishment can hire minimum 1 and maximum 3 foreign workers.

4. You can get a work permit if you are working for a business establishment that employs 50 Thai employees. An organization can hire 1 foreign worker per 50 Thai employees. However, they are not allowed to employ more than 5 foreigners.

5. you will get a work permit in Bangkok if you have an income and pay a personal tax of 18,000 Baht or more.

However, the companies that are promoted by the Thai Board of Investment (BOI) enjoy special rights in regards to the issuance of work permit.

Along with your application for a Thai work permit, you must submit the following documents:

* Passport and photocopies of each page with your signature.
* Your departure card
* Signed photocopies of your educational degrees.
* Non-immigrant Visa
* your detailed Resume and three copies of photo (5X6 cm in size) taken 6 months prior to your application.
* Signed photocopies of certificates or licenses (if any).
* Original and Photocopies of Marriage Certificate (if you have a Thai spouse. You must submit your spouse’s ID card, birth certificate of children (if any) and registration of your house.

Once you application has been submitted, the Labor Department will link your non-immigrant visa with the documents for your Thai work permit. The time of approval for a company with 2,000,000 registered capital is about a week in Bangkok. It might take a few more days or months in other places. However, companies who are promoted by the BOI enjoys a fast processing. Their application is processed within 3 hours and they are issued receipts mentioning the date of getting their work permit. Since the work permit is issued on the basis of a particular company at a particular location, if you change your company or if posted in any other location by the same company, you have to obtain a new work permit for that company or location.

Before you apply for a Thai work permit, check the costs. Hopefully, these points are helpful to you. If you want to obtain a Bangkok business visa, contact us at +66 26260277 or write to us at info@konradlegal.com.

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