7 Things To Remember When You Apply For Thai Visa

Thailand is a country which receives foreign nationals with open arms. The law firms in Thailand can help you with the paperwork and deliver on results. You need to be well abreast with the trends that are doing the rounds of the Thai visa office. There are key things that need to be remembered before you actually apply for Thai visa.

Non Immigrant Visa in Thailand

Usually, if you are a foreign national that wishes to enter the country then you have to meet the basic visa requirements stated by law in the Kingdom. Here are a 7 things to remember when you apply for a Thai visa:

1. If you are from countries such as Brazil, the USA and the UK, along with Canada and Australia, you are exempted from obtaining a visa when entering the country for tourism purposes. Nationals from such countries and 45 other countries can actually be permitted to stay for a period of 30 days without any visa requirement.

2. There are a list of 46 countries with which Thailand has a visa exemption agreement with. Some of these nationals can stay in the country without the necessity of a visa for about 30 days while others can stay on till 90 days.

3. If you are from countries such as China, India and Saudi Arabia, you are required to submit 3 visa applications for countries such as India, Iran, Syria and Cuba among others. 3 visa applications, 3 photos and 3 copies of the air tickets and hotel booking in Thailand.

4. There are a list of countries that can apply for the visa upon arrival in Thailand. Travelers who are in this list of countries, can get a visa upon arrival but not exceeding 15 days.

5. There are 5 countries such as Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Republic of Korea and Tunisia that do not require any visa fee for the processing of an entry request into the country. For any Philippine national, a stay of not more than 59 days is approved without a visa fee.

6. The Thai Ministry of Public Health has issued specific restrictions and regulations for nationals who are traveling from Yellow fever infested zones and must have an International Health Certificate that states that a Yellow Fever vaccination has been administered. There are about 45 countries from Africa and Latin America that fall under this purview and you should have concrete evidence to suggest that the traveler is not stationed and domiciled in any infected area.

7. If you are looking to travel to Thailand, you should apply in person for the visa you have applied for. In many cases, the Royal Thai Embassy or the Royal Thai Consulates General may also accept the applications from representatives, travel agents and via the post. You can check the website for further queries or even contact the local embassy in large city or a capital to find out more.  The Royal Thai Embassy does not entertain calls and has a website on the Internet that is resourceful in matters of obtaining a visa to travel to the country.

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