Acquiring of an Office Space in Bangkok as a part of the Business Setup

Company formation is a default process that needs to be followed in order to set up a company in the booming Thai economy. Businessmen are choosing Thailand for various reasons:

  • Profitable business and investment opportunities
  • Great infrastructure
  • Lucrative market
  • High quality of living

Foreign investors and businessmen are helping the Thai economy grow every day by introducing their new business ideas. One of the primary steps to opening a company is looking for an available office space.

Before starting to look for an office space in Thailand, it is important for one to figure out what type of an office space will suit company or business in question.

Office Space in Bangkok, Virtual Office in Thailand

Types of office spaces available in Bangkok

  1. Serviced Office

    Most companies opt for serviced offices for their flexibility. Serviced office gives ample freedom to companies to expand or downsize as per business requirements. This can include furnishings, maintenance, staffed reception, office equipment, etc. Serviced offices turn out to be beneficial to small companies and start-ups. They are cost-effective with no long term commitment.

  2. Leased Offices

    Leasing is a traditional method of obtaining an office space. If your office needs to house many employees, taking it on lease is the best option. But not many changes can be brought to the office space for that long a duration. It is a big commitment, and there’s no flexibility. Sudden expansion or downsizing decisions cannot be taken.

  3. Virtual Offices

    Virtual offices are basically shared office services, which include a business address, telecommunication services, and meeting facilities. Virtual offices are usually beneficial to companies wanting a low-risk alternative to leasing a traditional office, testing a new product or service, and downsizing from an old and traditional office space, wanting a reputable business address.

Acquiring an office space is more or less an easy job for Thai businessmen. It becomes a little problematic for foreign businessmen who want to setup their new companies in Thailand. As foreign businessmen cannot speak the Thai language and belong to a different nationality, the Thai landlords are rarely cooperative. But in general, the country has lots of office spaces available at cheap rates. These office spaces range from highly posh business locations to green office parks. And if someone hires a law firm to address the issue of establishing a company, the problem of office space can also be looked at by them.

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