Before Marriage Registration in Thailand, You Must Know These!

As they say, you should never be late to propose. So, if you happen to like someone and you feel she is just the right person to get married to, ask her hand now. How does it matter if she is a Thai and you are a foreigner? Everything makes sense if you are in love. Of course, the marriage wouldn’t be that simple like it would have been in your country and with the girl with the same nationality. And you must be aware of it. This cannot be the only reason to give up on the girl you like. These days marriage registration in Thailand isn’t that difficult too as there are legal experts to help. The only difference is you will have to deal with a few more legalities to registering your marriage in this country.

Marriage Registration in Thailand, Thailand Marriage Registration

Eligibility Requirements

  • Either of you should be 17 years of age at least
  • Both of you should not be in the same blood relations
  • Both of you should not have same adoptive parents
  • Either of them shouldn’t have a spouse when marriage. A woman who is divorced or whose husband has died can marry again after 310 days from the death or termination of the first marriage.

Documents Required

  • A copy of your passport alongside the arrival card
  • Translation of affidavit (copy) by an approved Foreign Ministry Translator
  • Affidavit of your marital status from the respective embassy

A marriage between a foreigner and a Thai can take place based on the declaration made by the couples by consenting to accept each other as husband and wife socially before the registrar to have it recorded. As for the application for marriage registration in Thailand, it can be filed at any District Office regardless of the birthplace of both the parties. If in case, the registration is filed at the office in the female’s birthplace, then the title used with the forename or the last name will be changed only by the officer of that district. However, marriage will be on affect only on registration made. And when it is done, a Marriage Registration Certificate is to be obtained as a proof.

In the worst case, if you two are unable to file for marriage registration at any Minor District or District Office, then the couple can request to the Registration at any location, but under the management of that District Office.

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