Benefits of having a Thai PR status for foreign businesses

Consistently there are great deals of the request from foreigners who make visits to the Kingdom of Thailand with reference to how they can apply for Thai Permanent Resident (PR) status and later Thai Citizenship. In any case, why Thai PR status? It is because it is a standout amongst the most looked for after goals in South East Asia offering a wide range of financial benefits and a convenient standard of life.

Are you among the ones who are planning on doing business or making an investment in Thailand and simultaneously wants to get rid of work permit problems, visa runs, business owning issues, and so on? Acquiring a Thai PR status is your one-stop arrangement. However tedious it is (takes between 1-2 years) but if followed all the necessities that the Thai authorities request, it will be beneficial over the long haul.

Thai PR for Foreign Business

Benefits of obtaining a Thai PR status for foreign business:

  • Easier to get work permits
  • You are eligible to become a director of a Thai public company
  • Permission is granted to obtain local financing
  • You can use the Thai immigration line at airports

Benefits of obtaining a Thai PR status for property:

  • You are allowed a permanent stay in Thailand without a visa
  • You can utilize cash made in Thailand to buy an apartment
  • You get a permanent residence book and alien registration book.
  • You can apply for an extension of stay for your non-Thai family members.

Also, don’t forget that after obtaining a Thai PR status you are not entitled to get a Thai citizenship. It has its own set of rules and procedures. But yes, getting a Thai PR status definitely brings you a step closer to citizenship. You will be able to apply for Thai citizenship 5 years after your name is registered in a blue housing book.

Qualifications of Getting Thai PR status:

If you cater to the required criteria’s prescribed by the Thai law makers then you can apply and be liable to obtain a Thai PR status.


  1. Apply for permanent residency once every year (around December) at the Bangkok Immigration Office
  2. Choose the suitable application category.
  3. Provide all relevant and original documents in person
  4. Pay the application fees
  5. Documents will be sent to the relevant authorities for checking
  6. Wait for final approval

Even if you meet all the criteria, there is no guarantee that your application will be accepted. Hence it is judicious to seek guidance from Thai legal experts to determine your chances of getting a Thai nationality.

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