3 Good Habits that Can Help You Choose The Best Law Firm in Thailand

So, you are seeking a legal help in Thailand? Then by now, you must have turned to yellow pages, the internet and to friends? And have grabbed the first one. Wait! Instead of settling with the one so quickly you should look out for other options too. Not always that comes first offer the best services. In the lion’s share, there are a few who claims to offer the best services, but the reality isn’t the same. When it is about legal matters you should be extremely careful.

While there is no denial of the fact that asking recommendation is a good starting point, but it might happen that you don’t know anyone who has used a legal firm’s services in Thailand before. What should you do in that case

law firm in Thailand

Checking at least First Five Legal Firms

When scanning through their websites make sure to read each page, so that you have a good knowledge of what they offer. While it is understandable that you may not have a good understanding of all the legal nitty gritty, you can at least realize if their services suit your requirements. Also, you must find out if they provide a written fee agreement. Equally, you should inquire if they will provide the reference to their clients

License and Awards

You must look up if the attorney you are to work with is a part of a quality assured accreditation scheme. However, such schemes may not be a testimony of his/her quality, but then knowing this will help you to extract the husk from the wheat. According to the Thai Law Society, every attorney must hold a certificate issued by an independent regulator. As for the awards you can look for the firms that have won awards for their work or have gained a good number of customer reviews as that will confirm it as a decent firm.

Budget Matters!

Of course, it does. In fact, the majority of your decision depends on how much you can afford to pay without compromising the quality. Typically, you should ensure that the fee is clear and transparent. Know if the pay will be made hourly basis or is there a package system.

Besides, there are a few law firms in Thailand that offer a free consultation to their clients. That way you can curtail some of your cost.

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