Board of Investment in Thailand: A Must See For New Investors Seeking Greater Profit

A businessman, with a strong and prospective business proposal in mind, will always look for the right kind of market to invest in to ensure least investment incurring greater profit amount. Thailand happens to be one of the biggest and rapidly developing economies. As a result, huge number of investors are eyeing on this side of the globe. A businessman, before investing in a market or business, will definitely go through the pros and cons to check how maximum benefit he can earn from various sources and increase his profit rate. Before investing in the Thailand market, foreign businessmen should definitely know about something called the Board of Investment (BOI). If a business is likely to bring substantial economic benefits to Thailand, then this business may be eligible to get registered as foreign owned with the Board of Investment.

board of investment thailand investors

A business, being registered under the Board of Investment, is eligible to enjoy several tax benefits as well as other substantial privileges.

Tax benefits include:

  • Complete exemption of corporate income tax
  • Exemption or reduction of excise on imported machinery
  • Exemption or reduction of excise on imported raw material

Non-tax benefits include:

  • The freehold of land can be owned by the business
  • Experts from foreign lands can be brought to work for the betterment of the business
  • Being a company registered with Board of Investment can be 100% foreign-owned
  • BOI registered companies are not liable to the work permit and VISA rules.

All these privileges also imply saving of a lot of money. Hence, these things should be kept in mind before founding a new business in Thailand. But, not every kind of business is eligible to apply for registration under the BOI. Only certain categories of businesses are eligible to participate and they are;

  • Light Industry
  • Electronics Industry and Electrical appliances
  • Agriculture and agricultural products
  • Chemicals, papers and plastics
  • Mining, ceramics and basic metals
  • Metal products, machinery and transport equipments
  • Services and public utility

Now, investors should invest in these industries the most to earn highest profit amounts and businessmen should think of business idea in line of these industries.

Benefits earned from association with the Board of Investment, Thailand, don’t end here. The BOI helps the investor further by reducing the chances of risk associated with the investment. They further help in the reduction of the initial investment costs. Improved rate of return on investment is also a result of the company’s association with the BOI.

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