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According to the Thai patent act, there are three types of patents in Thailand. This includes Patent For Invention, Petty Patent and Design Patent. All these type of patents have protection period set that are 20 years, 10 years and 10 years respectively.

Patent Registration in Thailand
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Importance Of Protecting Patents

The foreign investors who are doing business in Thailand have the opportunity to protect their patent rights. This is done in order to maintain their competitive advantage and to obtain a return on their investment.

Patent rights serve to protect these rights for only a limited time. It is important to provide a description of the invention and at least one claim that defines the invention.

There are different registration processes involved for the three types of patents. Here, are the steps you need to carry out in order to register for a particular type of patent.

1. Patent For Invention

  • First and foremost, file the patent for invention application form.
  • Undergo a preliminary examination. If the application gets rejected, make an appeal to the Thai Depart of Intellectual Appeal.
  • After the preliminary examination, then send it for the publication. If opposed by the third party, then make an appeal again.
  • If all runs smoothly, then apply for the substantive examination.
  • A documentary search and substantial examination of the invention will be conducted, if rejected, then you would be required to appeal once again.
  • Last but not the least, passing all the stages will grant you the patent for invention.

2. Petty Patent

  • Firstly, file for the petty patent application.
  • Undergo the formality examination. If your application gets rejected, then file an appeal.
  • Furthermore, make the payment of the insurance and publication fees. If the third party objects, then make an appeal once again.
  • Following all the procedures correctly will grant you the petty patent.

3. Design Patent

  • File the application form of the design patent act.
  • Undergo a formality examination. If it gets rejected, then apply for an amendment.
  • Send the application for getting it published. Appeal once again if any objection occurs.
  • Furthermore, the substantial examination will be carried out. Due to some reason, if you face any rejection file an appeal for it once again.
  • After these steps are followed, you will be granted the design patent without any hassle.

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