Do You Think Your Intellectual Property’s Security is Compromised? Now What?

Nothing can be more offending and fallacious than seeing someone else using your work as his. That’s what intellectual theft is. Much to my astonishment, this happens quite often and people aren’t yet aware of the right solution. This suddenly reminds me of an incidence when I had a tough time in protecting my intellectual property. Actually, I was in my college days and was not well informed. Back then, I would do anything to submit my projects in advance, so that others do not get even the littlest of the hint about my topic. Not always could I save me though.

intellectual property registration in Thailand

And when it comes to deciding the name, trademark, and logo of your company in Thailand, you simply cannot take chance. No matter how confidential you keep the matter, a single breach and the next day you see a new company with your well-thought-out name. So, the moment you decide your trademark the first thing you should do it is get it protected. The Intellectual Property Registration in Thailand let you safeguard your work by granting patents and registration of trademarks. Also, Thai laws protect some specific works as described in the Copyright Act.

The Thailand Copyright Act protects the rights of the original literary and artistic works, which includes movies, songs, architecture, novels, and poetry and computer software. But then, ideas, facts or concepts aren’t copyrightable although the modes in which they have been created can be recognized. Here’s is a list of intellectual property services that you can seek;

  • Protection of trademarks and industrial designs
  • Litigation services, including expert advice
  • Intellectual property management that includes IP valuation and IP Strategy
  • Anti-counterfeiting enforcement as well as brand policing
  • Advisory and transactional work that includes agreements for non-disclosure, franchise and licensing

To sum up, IP protection will give you the monopoly on your intellectual property. Call us for more on this.

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