Don’t Let Your Budget Ruin Your Start-Up Company Plan! 5 Ways to Find Investors

Even if you have that perfect business plan, insufficient funds wouldn’t let you land anywhere. So, the first thing that should be on your to-do list is arranging funds. There are investors in Thailand lending their helping hand to start-ups. But, yes, impressing them wouldn’t be easy though. However, for now, your first concern is to find investors for your start-up company in Thailand, so let’s just concentrate on that.

Top 5 Ways to Find Investors in Thailand

Here are some tips that might come to your help;

Launch Platforms

There is some business launch specific platforms, providing information and assistance on how to get your business launched and the ways to connect with the investors. You can look for investors in various start-up communities. This way you will get the opportunity to connect with your potential investors for funding and mentoring.

Angel Networks

Angel investors ( will not invest in the start-ups but will sit with you to provide some solid networks. Deciding to start a business in a completely different atmosphere needs a lot of courage. After setting up your business what you will need is a lot of contacts or networks that will keep you going in the long-run.

So, you should build a profile in the Angellist. For that, you need to provide information regarding your company, including the product and services it is likely to offer and team members it has. Once you are done with filing, you must share the profile with your acquaintances and friends. As people start following your company, you will be noticed more.

Create a List of Investors You Want to Meet

Sure, you will get a lot of investors, but it would be better to keep yourself focused on a few of them, say like 30 to 40 of them. And for that, you must find out the best fit for your company. Also, think of the times you might have to approach if you approach 100 investors in the first half. In case, you don’t find any from the 30-40 investors, you can move ahead with another list.

Considering the interest of foreign entrepreneurs to do business in Thailand, a lot of investors for Start-up Company are arranging for networking events. You can attend them and give a winning presentation. The main motive of these events is to connect the investors with the start-up businesses.

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