Five Must Know Laws for You Before Visiting Thailand

As a tourist destination, Thailand can offer you the most amazing experiences. However, you can get into trouble if you step on the wrong side of the law. Before you visit Thailand, make sure that you have taken a note of the basic legal restrictions. Otherwise, it might ruin your holiday mood.

Contemplating a visit to Thailand soon? If yes, then here are a few legal tidbits for you before you go:

1. Drug Laws in Thailand

Do not get carried away by the party culture in Thailand. Drug abuse is strictly prohibited in Thailand. The Thai Customs Department mentions that anyone who is found possessing any drugs or is involved in selling or producing will be given the death penalty. Yes! A death sentence for using, selling or possessing drugs. There are few medicines that are considered narcotics under Thai law. Check the list provided by the Thai government before you visit Thailand.

drug laws in Thailand
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2. Destroying the King’s Image

As a tourist, you cannot deface the Thai King’s image. This includes destroying the currency notes. This is against Thai laws. Even if you step on it, you will be arrested and jailed.

King’s Image Thailand

3. Visa Laws

During your stay in Thailand, if you overstay your visa, you can be detained at the immigration detention centre. However, if you are able to reach the airport somehow, you can pay your overstay fine and go. So, make sure that your visa is in order.

visa laws in Thailand

4. Drinking Rules in Thailand

The legal age for drinking in Thailand is 20 years. The Thai police constantly raid the bars for prohibiting underage drinking. You still can buy alcohol if you are under 20 but, if caught, you will be jailed for 6 months.Drinking alcohol is illegal in public offices, petrol pumps, public parks, temples, and pharmacies. However, if drinking alcohol is a part of any ceremony, then it is allowed.

Drinking Rules Thailand

5. Passport Related Laws Thailand

Tourists must carry their ID proof (passport) all the time. Never leave you passport with anyone. At some places, you might be asked to furnish your ID proof. In such case, keep photocopies with you.

Passport Related Laws Thailand
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Keeping the basic laws in mind will help you to enjoy your stay by avoiding any legal hassle. If you are planning to visit Thailand and are searching for services related to customs clearance In Thailand, we are here to help you. Our customs clearance service is specially designed for minimizing any kind of inconvenience. For more information, please check our services.

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