How Foreigners can Recruit Thai Employees for Their Company

Foreigners Recruit Thai Employees

Recruitment is not an easy job, my friend and I are sure you have understood it by now. If not, then you will soon. You must be wondering why it is a hell of a job when there are so many resumes available online. That being true, you cannot recruit all of them. Also, there is something called employee retention, which is very important for any company’s reputation. I mean hiring someone who cannot survive even three months is just so much waste of time, energy and money. The challenge is to recruit Thai employees who are right for your company.

Why Don’t You Take It to Social Media?

You can post add about everything today in your social media profile. Be it Facebook or LinkedIn, post job ads and find your potential employee.

Take it to Recruitment Companies

You might not have used a recruitment service so far. Doesn’t matter, consider now. You should never think twice before investing in the right things. Finding a skilled and confident team of employees is crucial for the successful running of your business. I am sure I need not remind you of this!

Recruitment companies have the know-how of who will be the best suitable candidate for your company. Moreover, they follow certain parameters that help them to locate relevant candidates for the job.

Referrals are a Great Way Indeed!

Ask your Thai partner if he has some referrals. If not you can send enquiry to some Thai social media community asking for Thai workforce.

So, whom are You Recruiting?

When you are about to recruit Thai employees you must be clear what you want from them. One of the biggest concerns is the language. Being a foreigner you should want to have someone in your team who is good in both English and Thai. When you have this thing in mind ensure that you tell it to your recruiting partner.

Conducting Strict Interviews and Tests

So what one of your friends has referred this Thai employee to you? You cannot compromise with the quality, right? To ensure that you have the right employees for the company, you must implement some strict rules for regarding interviews and tests.

Now that you know the ways, what are you waiting for, just get started…

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