Four Steps for Applying a Retirement Visa in Thailand

Retiring to a life of untold pleasures and a quiet life is what many in the developed world only dream about. Applying a Retirement Visa in Thailand may not be that daunting if you are aware of the steps involved in the process.

Thailand is a land that has tranquility and beauty, majesty in culture and hospitality along with a relaxing pace of life that will attract anyone coming from a large city. It’s not surprising that many older foreigners, often want to retire here after their work life. Here are the steps involved in a nut shell:

1. Fulfill the requirements when getting a non-immigrant visa: If you are planning to get a retirement visa in Thailand, you need to have a passport that is at least valid for still another year and a proof of nationality or permanent residence of the country of application. You also need to provide a proof of the financial funds that are available to you.

2. Obtainment of the one-year retirement visa: The second stage involves the obtaining of the one-year retirement visa that requires the applicant to be over 50 years of age. The applicant also needs to have a passport that has signed copies of each of the pages of the passport. You also need to have a non-immigrant visa and a departure card. There has to be a proof of financial requirement that includes a Thai bank book and a letter stating your intent from the Thai bank with which you have an account. You also need to have around 3 4×5 cm photos with the full face taken for the visa purpose.

3. The difference between the Extension of Stay and the Re-entry permit: You should also not confuse between the extension of stay and the reentry permit. Both are different from each other but are needed for the stay in the country. The Extension of Stay is all about controlling the date and your stay is dependent on this feature alone. If your stay expires, you may be deported without any further notice. On the other hand, the validity of the Re-entry Permit is dependent on the validity of the Extension of Stay. If you leave Thailand without the re-entry permit, it will get automatically nullify your stay inside the country.
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4. Reporting the stay: As a rule, the Thai government has rules that require a foreign national in the country holding a visa to visit the Immigration Police after 90 days, if the individual is a long-term stay. If the individual holds a multiple entry passport, the person will depart from Thai shores and will only get an approval for extended after a 90-day entry. If you cannot obtain a visa extension within Thailand, you need to apply for a non-immigrant visa from a Thai embassy or a consulate that is located on any foreign soil abroad.

For most foreign nationals, the process of applying for a retirement visa can be easy and not too difficult if done under proper guidance and care. Thailand is a warm country that has been the home of many retirees and is still a chosen destination for many.

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