How Do You Obtain a Trademark License In Thailand?

Thailand recognizes many kinds of trademarks issued in the United States and other countries. These include a trademark license and business trademarks, company trademarks and intellectual property rights as registered rights valid in the eyes of law. Nevertheless, Thailand uses the International Classification for Goods and Services. Names and letters, brands, drawings and devices, manuals and signatures can be trademarked in Thailand. Unlike in the US, single colors cannot be trademarked and it is valid for 10 years with renewals for subsequent 10 year periods.

Before you apply for a trademark in the country. You should search and see if predictable marks have been registered before. The trademark may include English words and phrases, you need to submit your application in Thai. You should also classify the kinds of goods and services you have sought to register. As in the US, you should submit the application and use the trademark with a proof of use issued later.

Trademark License Approval
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The Thai Trademark registrar will research and find out if the mark is unique and does not match with any design previously trademarked. The Thailand Trademark Act of 2000 disallows some marks and geographical names that are common with Royal emblems and representations. If your trademark symbol is approved, it will be published in the Trademark Journal.

When the trademark application is approved, the certificates of the same are issued. In order to protect the mark, you should monitor the journal and ensure that the property rights have not been infringed upon.

Sign up to licensing agreements for the trademark you have received. You need to provide the agreed terms of use and proof of the trademark registration to move ahead further. Remember to renew it after the first 90 days. The proof of use is rarely required for this procedure.

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