How To Choose The Best Law Firm In Thailand?

Choosing a Thai lawyer may be easy and can be the most important decision that you take when dealing in Thailand. You need a Thai lawyer not just to help getting married to your Thai fiancee but also about helping you in every step of the way while setting up a business in Thailand, PR, Immigration, and Property. You need a legal team that is affordable and also competent.

how to choose best law firm in Thailand


Best Law Firm in Thailand

Here are a couple of things you need to do before you decide on a Thai attorney:

1. Research online on the various Thai legal companies that offer services to foreigners living or visiting Thailand. A simple Google search will help you find the important listings in the country. This can be the fastest search option to select firms.

2. Trust forms the most important aspect of a legal relationship. A big part of the client and lawyer relationship is about being served well in other circles. If your friend, colleague or even a family member has been served well by a local law firm, enlist their services first. Try and set up a consultation with at least 2 Thai legal firms that may offer you free advice or charge you a very low fee. Check for the lawyer’s credentials first and get a picture of his experience.

3. Try and get a consultation briefly before enlisting the service. The mention of fees is paramount and the complexity of the case should be discussed before the lawyer is finalized. You should also ask for references before you zero in on the lawyer. Ask the lawyer personally if he is ready to get paid by the hour or is okay with a flat fee. Some lawyers also ask for a retainer payment. If the prepayment of the legal fees is to be done in the future.

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