How To Get a Thai Retirement Visa Easily?

Retiring to a life of leisure and peace is our birthright. Applying for a Thai retirement visa in Thailand is one of the best ways of securing your life with pensions.

Thai retirement visa
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Thailand is a land that has peaceful environments and ample hospitality with a relaxing pace of life attracts retirees coming from a large city. It’s not surprising that many older foreigners, often want to retire here after their work life. You can get a Thai retirement visa easily in a few steps:

1. If you are planning to get a Thai retirement visa you need to have a passport that is at least valid for still another year and a proof of nationality or permanent residence of the country of application. You should also be able to show the finances you have for the entire year.

2. Post the analysis of your financial statements, you can then opt for obtaining the one-year retirement visa that requires the applicant to be over 50 years of age. You need to have a passport that has signed copies of each of the pages. You need to have a non-immigrant visa and a departure card. As proof of financial soundness, you need a Thai bank book and a letter stating your intent from the Thai bank with which you have an account. You also need to have around 3 4×5 cm photos with the full face taken for the visa purpose.

3. You should also not confuse between the extension of stay and the reentry permit. Each is unique and mandatory for a retiree.  The Extension of Stay is mostly about controlling the date and your stay is dependent on this alone. If your stay expires, you can get deported without notice.

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  1. May 24, 2017

    How do I get a Thai bank book and a letter stating your intent from the Thai bank when I’m in the UK, can I open a Thai Bank from here?

  2. May 25, 2017

    Dear Mr.Ian, You can do all the formalities from UK, but only one day you should visit Thailand for opening a bank account. It’s really a simple process and it doesn’t take much time. We hope You got an answer. If you need any help you can mail to We are happy to help you at any time. Thanks

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