Important Tips On How To Set Up a Business In Thailand?

If you are thinking to set up a business in Thailand, then you should definitely abide by the law and carry out the simple procedures involved. It is quite a difficult process, as you need to familiarize yourself with the culture, language, laws and the proverbial.

set up a business in Thailand

Here, are a few procedures that need to be carried out in order to register and set up a business in Thailand.

1. Think And Reserve The Name Of The Company

One of the first things to sort out before setting up a business is to think and reserve the name of the company with the Department of Business Development at the Ministry of Commerce. After your business name gets approved, the registration gets activated and is valid to about 30 days.

2. File The Documents Related With The Association

The documents related with the association includes the objectives of the company, the approved company name, authorized capital, location of your company, the extent of liability of the directors as well as their names, nationalities, permanent address, occupation and age. All the directors need to be able to sign the original application form.

3. Submission Of The Articles

Last but not the least, submitting the documents related with the association is required that defines the specifics of the company. Filing of these documents completes your registration process, thus issuing the certificate of registration.

Following these procedures will help you to set up you dream business in Thailand and enjoy its profit. Konrad Legal offers a wide range of services for its clients that you can choose from. For further information on how to start a franchise in Thailand or a corporate office, contact us.

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