What Makes the ‘Land of Smiles’ So Unique

Speaking from personal experience, the idiosyncrasies in Thailand lend it a unique personality that let it stand distinguished in the crowd. You will be stunned to know that the Tuk Tuk and other vehicles drive on the left side of the street that none of the neighboring countries of Thailand does. Additionally, there are so many English language signs to help the non-Thai speaking travelers. And their tourist-friendly approach is worth appreciating. Typically, Thailand is full of massage parlors and they are quite affordable. If you find any, you should try at least once to enjoy an hour of bliss.

Thailand to do business

As for food, the options are plenty, from green salads to spicy red curry. Name it any and you will be served with that. And you know what? You get all these right along the sides of the streets. Shifting a little, the income opportunity in Thailand is huge too. This is not only for the natives but also for the foreigners. In fact, the foreigners can get 100% company ownership. Similarly, the foreign investors can invest in the national infrastructure project through the Future Fund that is worth 100 billion baht.

In addition, you can expect to get a fee waiver for guaranteeing the loan by the Thai Credit Guarantee Corporation. Also, Thailand offers enhanced BOI investment promotion privileges. Reduced Corporate Income Tax, as well as exemption of the same for 3-8 years, is some of the other privileges that Thailand offers. Investors can be benefited with a double deduction on the depreciation expenses, provided they fulfill the criteria. These days, Thailand is approving Public-Private Partnership within 3 to 6 months.

Of all, what you will really like about Thailand is the culture. Their sense of brotherhood, respect for strangers and elders should be praised. Thais, typically use a very polite speech mode. And the best part is that the children have the leverage to enjoy their childhood fully without any limitation. The majority of the people there are spiritually motivated and you, if nothing else, but will get some spiritual lessons from them.

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