Non-Immigrant O Visa in Thailand: Your Handy Guide

Non-Immigrant O Visa in Thailand For Foreigners

So, you are looking for information about non-immigrant O visa? If that’s the case, you might find this article useful. Listed below are the different types of this visa and the requirements to make an application. Scan through;

  1. Non-immigrant O visa for child

To apply for non-immigrant O visa for child you must submit these below-mentioned documents;

  • Passport with remaining 6 months validity
  • Properly filled application form
  • Recent photo (4×6 cm) with a blue or white background
  • Original as well as copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of your (sponsoring individual) Thai Work Permit
  • Copy of the Info page and the Thai Visa page (sponsoring individual’s passport)
  • Visa fee (varies)

However, there can be some additional requirements too, but that completely depends upon the Thai Embassy you are applying at. When you are applying first-time for a dependent single-entry visa, it is will be valid for 90 days although it can be extended for a year.

  1. Non-immigrant o visa for volunteer

This form of non-immigrant O visa is granted to those who want to work as a volunteer with a Thai organization. The documents required are as follows;

  • Passport or any other travel document: It must have a validity of not less than six months. Importantly, it must not be damaged.
  • A copy of Passport: The copy must show the page (s) having your photo, name, date as well as a place of birth alongside the date of expiration. It is crucial to bring your own copy and it must be in the A4 paper.
  • Visa application form filled out properly
  • Two photographs (3,5cm. x 4,5cm). The background must be bright and it MUST not take more than 6 months. Also, it must be clicked in a professional setting.
  • An invitation letter from the company in Thailand, stating your position, qualification as well as responsibilities of your work. Also, it must have the period of stay in Thailand mentioned.
  • Financial statement of your saving account that shows the amount of money to cover the volunteering work period in Thailand. This must be equal to 7,000 Sek / month.
  • Document of company/organization as followed:
  • List of shareholders
  • Company’s profile
  • Details of business operation
  • Business registration and license
  • Employment certificate/education record
  • Reference letter from previous work experience.
  • Criminal Record in English issued by Rikspolisstyrelsen

The validity of this visa is for 3 months only. The date you hand-in the application, the Embassy will mention the same date in the visa.

  1. Non-immigrant o visa multiple entry

The 90-day non-immigrant O visa multiple entry visa is typically issued to the citizens of Australia, US, UK, Canada and other European countries who are willing to enter Thailand either for study, investment or business. This can be used to allow multiple entries in Thailand for 90 days from the issuance date. These documents are required to obtain non-immigrant O visa multiple entry;

  • A passport with 6-month validity, calculated from the date of your arrival in Thailand
  • Proof of financial funds as well as travel itinerary
  • Invitation letter to ensure the purpose of travel, which must be issued by the concerned company
  • Some supporting documents sought by the Royal Thai embassy or consulate
  • Embassy fee
  1. Non-Immigrant O visa Thai spouse

The documents required would be more or less same as the Non-Immigrant O visa for child, only that you will have to submit your marriage certificate instead of your child’s birth certificate.

  1. Non-Immigrant Visa O-A (Long Stay)

This kind of visa can be issued to the applicants who are aged 50 years and wish to be in Thailand for a certain period, but that must not exceed one year without being on work. Required documents are as follows;

  • Valid passport of not less than eighteen months
  • Completed visa application forms (three copies)
  • Passport-sized photos (4 x 6 cm) taken within the past six (three of them required)
  • Personal data form
  • Copy of bank statement, displaying a deposit of the amount that is equal to 800,000 Baht, but not less than that
  • A letter of guarantee issued by the bank (original copy)
  • A medical certificate issued from the native country, stating no prohibitive disease
  • A letter of verification that issued from the native country to confirm nationality

However, if you wish to extend your stay, then a request must be sent to the Office of the Immigration Bureau – A 1 year extension can be granted.

Non-Immigrant O Visa Requirements

The various forms of non-immigrant visa type “O” are granted to only those applicants who meet the following requirements:

  • Those who have lawfully wedded Thai spouse
  • Dependents of a foreigner presently working or may be studying full-time in Thailand
  • Volunteers working for any non-governmental organization (NGO)

In order to apply, fill Non-immigrant O Visa Application Form here.

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