How to Obtain Marriage Certificate in Thailand, If You are a Foreigner

obtain marriage certificate in Thailand

If you are wondering whether you should be able to marry a Thai or not, let me tell you there is no way to stop you. It really doesn’t matter whether you are a foreigner or not. With so many foreigners coming to Thailand almost every day, be it for business, travel or simply to take his beloved home, the Kingdom has become very flexible with their legal policies. To obtain the marriage certificate in Thailand, you will at first need to register at the district registrar’s office. Take the following steps to get it registered;

 Affirm an Affidavit of Freedom to Marry

You will need to fill out an English affidavit form at the Embassy. A certain amount of fee needs to be paid for the notary service. Make sure you bring your passport. If divorced make sure you provide an original certificate. Also, affidavits that have been completed in other languages must be translated into English for the Thai authorities.

Translated Affidavit

You must see that the notarized English affidavit has been translated into Thai by a translator.

Get All the Certified Documents

Don’t forget to take your notarized affidavit as well as the Thai translation to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Thailand in order to get the translation certified plus to authenticate the official’s signature.

Marriage Registration

Visit a district office for marriage registration. Papers will be signed and marriage certificate in Thailand will be given.

Obtain Translated Marriage Certificates

When you register your marriage at the District Register Office, two Thai marriage certificates are what you will be issued with. Usually, they will be in Thai language and therefore you might require a translated version in English.

As for the documents you will an affidavit of freedom to marry, copy of your passport, divorce/death of previous spouse’s certificate if that’s the case.  On the other hand, your Thai fiancé must show national ID card, house registration certificate, a name change certificate and a divorce or death certificate of the previous spouse.

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