Most Popular Career Options in Thailand

The capital city of Thailand is the most sought after places for foreigners who are interested to work in this land of opportunities. The exotic places, amazing locales and modest cost of living has raised an influx of foreigners who are desperate to acquire a work permit in Bangkok.

So, are you on the same league? Do you want to relocate to Bangkok and looking for potential career options? Here are the most popular career options that you might consider if you want to stay and work in Bangkok:

1. Teaching

This is the most viable career option for you as teaching jobs are quite readily available in Thailand. If you are good at teaching English or any other foreign language, then teaching can be a dream job for you. The demands for language teacher is pretty high in Thailand.. If you are interested in teaching English, all you need to have is a bachelor’s degree in the language. The turnover rates for teachers is much high and so, you can definitely expect to get your CV considered. Also, You can always bring home some extra money by giving private classes.

Teaching in Thailand

2. Travel Writer

If you have a penchant for writing and if traveling is your passion, then this being a travel writer for any Thai website or magazine is the best option for you. There are many newspapers, magazines and travel websites operating in Bangkok that can offer you handsome payments for sharing your experiences.

Travel Writers

3. Career in Real Estate

Real estate is the fastest booming industry in Thailand and the number of job opportunities are also rising day by day. You will find numerous companies in Bangkok who employ foreigners at different positions. If you are lucky enough, you can always find good positions in operations management and business development.

Real Estate in Bangkok, Thailand

4. Hotel Management

Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Thailand. So a career in the Hotel industry might be a lucrative opportunity. You can always find jobs as a chef , public relation manager or any other hotel staff at reputed hotels in and around Bangkok.

Career in Hotel Management
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5. Engineering

Though foreigners are not allowed to get employment as Civil Engineers in Thailand, but still you can find many career options in other specializations of Engineering.


6. Business

If you want to be your own boss and if you are a budding entrepreneur , then opening your own business is one of the best options. Foreigners are allowed to open up their own business here. Only yous need to do is acquire a property and get a work permit. Do not forget to check on the rules before making any move.

Accountant Managing Finance

So if you have got a valid work permit in Bangkok and are a master of your craft, finding a good career option in Bangkok won’t take long.

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