Power of Attorney in Thailand: 8 Points to Remember

Power of Attorney in Thailand

Do you need to travel quite often because of your business? Do you feel that it is almost impossible to remote control the business whenever you are out of your country? In that case, you can always think of transferring your power of attorney in Thailand to your partner. You can grant him/her the right to exercise your powers when you are not around to look after the business. However, the Thai legal system comes with a number of conditions, which you must fulfill. Remember these;

  • Every Power of Attorney in Thailand needs a supporting document. Where a Thai resident must submit his copy of Thai ID, a foreign businessman must submit the copy of his passport.
  • When transferring the power of attorney it is important to ensure that both the Principal and the Agent are capable of granting and executing powers listed in the legal document.
  • You must have a proper witness to confirm the Power of Attorney. Two witnesses must be there to sign the Power of Attorney.
  • Power of Attorney forms can be in Thai script or English though previously only Thai was allowed but now English translations are also accepted.
  • You must include the powers as well as the responsibilities that are assigned to the Grantee to act on behalf of the Grantor. Similarly, it is crucial to mention in what situation or exactly when the agent can execute his or her authorities.
  • Typically, a Power of Attorney in Thailand is valid up to three calculated from the date it has been signed. Well, this is not all as the Power of Attorney’s validity depends on the approval of the Land Officer.
  • The Power of Attorney in Thailand has a significant role to play when it comes to Amity Treaty or Economic Relation between Thailand and the US.
  • In case the Power of Attorney has been executed in a land of foreigners, then all the documents have to be authenticated by an official or by an officer of the Royal Thai Embassy. Note, this notarization must be done six months prior to submitting the application.

The form, therefore, needs to be filled carefully and duly signed by both the parties to ensure hassle-free approval. Just make sure you remember the above-mentioned points while submitting the form.

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