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Retirement Visa Thailand, Retirement Visa in Thailand

Let’s not waste time in talking about the benefits of retiring in Thailand. I am sure you have already done that and now what you are seeking is proper information on how to obtain a retirement visa in Thailand. However, the first thing that you should keep in mind is that you should be of minimum 50 years to apply. However, there some financial criteria that you must meet to spend a luxurious retired life in Thailand;

  • A security deposit of THB 800,000 is a must in a Thai Bank Account at least two months prior to the application.
  • You must earn monthly pension of minimum THB 65,000.
  • To sum up, you must show a total of 800,000 THB by adding your Thai account and yearly income.

Also, you will need to submit these below-mentioned documents;

  • Proof of deposit with the Thai bank
  • Updated passbook
  • Bank letter showing that the money had been deposited from an overseas source
  • Police Clearance
  • Medical Certificate
  • Proof of address in Thailand, including utility bills, rental agreement, etc

However, these criteria are not required if you apply for visa inside Thailand. But then, there are exceptional cases, where a Thai embassy official may ask for these just before issuing the visa.

The Process

The retirement visa application can be processed in your country or in Thailand. The aforesaid documents should be submitted either to the Thai embassy or the consulate in your country.

Non-Immigrant OA Visa Application in Your Country

The documents mentioned above must be submitted to the consulate in your country. Note that not all consulates may be able to issue the visa. So, you must do your research first.

Application for the Non-Immigrant O Visa and extension in Thailand

For this, you will first require applying for a 90-day non-immigrant visa from the Thai embassy before applying for the retirement visa. However, you must wait for at least 60 days in Thailand prior to filing the visa.

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