After Seeing These American Companies Taking Thailand’s Market by Storm Many Foreigners Started Their Businesses Too!

American Companies in Thailand

Of course, why wouldn’t they? When they are seeing live examples of American companies in Thailand running successful anyone who has been contemplating on setting up their business in Thailand would give it a thought at least. And I am sure you would too. Moreover, when you have the Amity Treaty you need not worry about anything. American investors get special privileges from the Thai government because of this treaty signed between the US and Thailand.

As for the benefits, the Treaty of Amity let American companies have a majority shareholding to its company or branch office in Thailand. Moreover, they receive national treatment, which means they may invest in businesses same as the Thai companies. Here’s a list of 5 American companies in Thailand working successfully;

  1. Alfa Laval (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Alfa Laval is one of the leading companies not only in Thailand but also in the world, specializing in the technology areas of separation and fluid handling and heat transfer. Developing high-quality products since 1883, the company has been focusing in saving more energy and providing protection to the environment.

  1. American Food Co., Ltd.

Specialized in offering bud ice-cream, the company regularly produces 40 different flavors of such ice-creams in different packaging, that are suitable for sales in ice-cream parlors, restaurants, and supermarkets.

  1. ABS Group Inc

It provides services in management systems certification, training and consulting, engineering and verification and risk and reliability programs. Headquartered in Houston, ABS objective is to help clients in reaching a safe environment standard.

  1. E.Capital (Thailand) Ltd

An American company in Thailand, specializing in financial services, including auto financing, credit cards, personal loan, customer installment financing and auto leasing.

  1. E. Medical Systems (Thailand) Ltd

This company develops medical software systems for medical tools to cater to the needs of dentists, hospitals, and other health professionals.

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