Some Facts About Tariff And Clearance Systems In Thailand

Doing business in Thailand is all about following certain laws and paying tariffs, while importing goods for your business in Thailand. The advance tariff ruling is a kind of a financial advice that the Thai customs provides when a written application reaches its desk from a business operator. The tariff ruling underlines how the Customs applies the existing laws and regulations to specific goods and services that are traded. If you are a businessman, you would want to seek a tariff classification that will lead to an advance tariff ruling according to Thai Customs.

Doing business in Thailand
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You can try and visit the Customs department of Thailand for a better idea of what the existing tariff and clearance laws are in Thailand. If you are keen on coming on business visa to Thailand, you may find it useful to know about the tariff ruling of the Thai Customs officials. You need to submit an application for an advance tariff ruling almost 30 days prior to the proposed date of imports. This application from the end of the business owner should contain all information provided by the Thai Customs authority. You should provide an accurate and clear information on the kind of goods you would like to import. If you fail to provide the truthful and correct information, your advance tariff ruling may be delayed or even be stopped from being issued. This could lead to nullification of the application.

This application of tariff should be presented to the Customs Tariff Bureau at the Thai Customs Headquarters in Bangkok. This needs to be done at least 30 days before the goods are imported. This application is usually produced in Thai language and is signed by the managing director or an authorized person from the company.

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