Sorry, If You are Not Aware of These You cannot Start an Offshore Company in Thailand!

I have spent years in learning the right way to start an offshore company in Thailand. Well, it wouldn’t be apt to say that by now I know it all, but yes I have reached a point where I can suggest ways to others. If you are bored of being stuck in the same place and looking for greater freedom, I am sure that this blog will be of some help as it discusses the legal ways to lessen your tax payment, attain prosperity and create wealth faster. If this interests you, keep scrolling and reading.

Start offshore company in Thailand

Starting a Business in Thailand on a Shoestring? That Might not be a Good idea 

Those who say that confidence, creativity, and good business sense is all you need to be an entrepreneur; they are unlikely to be wrong. But, then you cannot ignore the amount of capital you will need for the same. To start a Thailand offshore company you will need some serious capital. In a developed market such as Thailand, one cannot make her way to entrepreneurship on a shoestring, of course. One should have a minimum capital of $100,000 to invest.

Are You a Foreigner? This can be Helpful

If you are an American, then you are good to go with the Amity Treaty that allows the US citizens to own 100% of the Thai corporation. Because of the friendship between the two countries, the Americans have a professional advantage in Thailand. Potential American entrepreneurs can begin their bank or contribute in a telephone business or any other industry they want.

Get Your Paperwork Right

There is a decent amount of legal formalities that need to be taken care of, especially when you are willing to begin a Thai corporation. Well, there are lawyers to handle these at competitive fees. However, the Amity Treaty companies must pay 42,000 baht to ensure proper certification.

Not Knowing Thai Culture and Language won’t Help!

Although there are professionals who can assist you in doing business in Thailand, this won’t help you in the long-run. Knowing the language and culture is critical if you are willing to start an offshore company in Thailand. In that case, you can take up a class or two for learning the basics of the language while making your business mobile.

Besides, doing business in Thailand requires you to hire native workers, meaning that you need to rent a commercial space for the workers to report. And as for your work permit, your investment will fetch you that.

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