Things to know before doing business in Thailand

Are you a foreigner who is currently doing business in Thailand or is willing to set up a new business in near future? If yes, then you have landed on the correct page. In this blog post, you will get to know about certain dos and don’ts that need to be considered before or while doing a business in Thailand.

While Thai culture and customs could seem very conservative and protected to some people, but in general Thai people are very relaxed and easy-going and seldom take offense if a foreigner fails to follow Thai etiquette. However, one must be well attentive of some simple business related customs if he/she is interested in making any sort of investments in Thailand and try to avoid certain comments or actions.

Do's and Don'ts while doing a business in Thailand



Thai businessmen like meeting and investing time to build personal relationships before discussing business. Hence, you must be present on such occasions and avoid counting on your native representative to try and do everything for you.If you wish to maintain good business and personal relations with the Thai nationals, it’s best to avoid speaking something negative regarding their country and King. Failing to do so, can lead you into legal troubles.
When you plan to meet Thai businessmen to put across your business ideas, do make sure that you take appointments well before.Reaching on time is a standard practice everywhere in the world, but some are very particular about it like the Thai folks. Hence, don’t be late and don’t forget your first impression is your last impression.
Whenever you meet Thai nationals for any business purpose, your appearance ought to be contemporary and on purpose.Dressing and appearance are important to Thai businessmen, hence, don’t dress up carelessly or shabbily.
Body language is another important aspect in Thai communication – respect and politeness should be shown.
Also, being receptive to refined visual communication and indirect replies can avoid misunderstandings.
Like most westerners, don’t be in an exceedingly hurry to directly express your purpose and become impatient to grasp their call.
It is not bad to finish your discussions within the minimum time possible however, the Thais take decisions after they are totally convinced and trust is built.
Asian businessmen exchange business cards far more than others in the West. So, exchange your card with people you meet and do it using the right hand.
Grab some brownie points by printing your card in the Thai language too.
When receiving any business card from Thais, do not use only one hand because it doesn’t appear polite.
Also, remember not to use your left hand to pass anything or point your finger at anyone.
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