Tips on Setting up a Startup in Thailand

I recently caught up with a successful business owner in Thailand to know about Thailand’s startup ecosystem in brief. While this meeting was arranged to make sure that I have some good business ideas to suggest my best friend, slowly I too was taking interest in the conversation. Considering the benefits Thailand offers to their foreign investors who wouldn’t want to invest and I am no exception? There are some important tips I should know about setting up a startup in Thailand.

setting up startup in Thailand

The owner says, “The startup scene in Thailand has recently started exploding. These days a lot of good engineers are coming up with great business models. Thai startups are talking expansion and scale.” According to the latest report, on the Thailand start-up ecosystem, almost thirty million of internet users are expected to penetrate soon.

There are companies that are offering insurance claims within 15 minutes of an accident just through an application. In fact, these claim apps even allow two parties to claim insurance without having to wait for a surveyor. Other than this, new sharing programs have been launched by companies that not only allow people to shop online but also help society. Basically, the plan revolves around contacting businesses like restaurants and other industries and letting them do some social work by offering vouchers and services to the public to buy. And the amount that is generated will be donated as a part of a charity.

Additionally, there are companies offering e-commerce solutions to get brands and retailers under the same umbrella. If you research a little more you will also find co-working space network in Thailand concentrating on arts and crafts. Such workspaces allow freelancers and companies to co-work in the same space.

While I share these start-up business ideas with my bestie, you can also think of them. But yes, of course, ultimately you must choose something that is of your interest. There are legal firms in Thailand that will help you get your company started.

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