What Are The Prohibitions And Restrictions On Goods And Services In Thailand?

There are certain goods and services that have an absolute prohibition on their import in Thailand. Certain imports are restrictive in nature too. These goods can be imported but with certain sanctions on them. There are certain items that cannot be exported to other countries from Thailand. Here are the two kinds of goods that are prohibited and restricted in Thailand.

Restricted Importing Goods and Services in Thailand

Prohibited Goods: a large number of these goods cannot be exported or even imported in Thailand. Any person that imports or even exports these items, can land themselves behind bars for a long time. He or she can also attract penalties and heavy fines relevant to in national legislation. Such activities can be considered an offense under the articles 27 and 27 bis. This falls under the customs Act of B.E 2469. The following items fall in the prohibition list:

  • Counterfeit Royal Seals and the official government seals
  • Obscene artifacts and objects, pictures and books
  • Counterfeit currency, coins and bonds
  • Pornographic resources
  • Goods with the Thai national flag wrapped around it
  • Narcotics such as marijuana, heroin, hemp, opium, cocaine, morphine
  • Counterfeit trademark goods and rogue CDs, music items and pirated goods.

Restricted goods: These are often those goods that require a permit especially issued for the export and import. You need to have these classes of goods, around 50 of them, to be labelled as restricted, exported or imported according to government guidelines only. These include:

  • The import of drugs and supplementary products.
  • The import of antiques and objects of arts and crafts
  • The imports of weapons and ammunition, fireworks and explosives, replica and firearms requires the permission and approval seal of the Ministry of Interior in Thailand.
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