What Do You require to Obtain Thai Marriage Visa?

What do You require to Obtain Marriage Visa?

Are you planning to live in Thailand? If yes, one of the easiest ways of doing so is marrying a Thai. However, if you are already married to a Thai or have a Thai kid, then congratulation, the process just got easier. Thai marriage visa is also known as ‘O’ visa in Thailand and it is basically a three-month visa that can be extended while staying in the country. Of course, it does have some financial requirement. But of all, what you need to have is a marriage certificate to confirm your wedding with the Thai. Similarly, you will require showing a copy of both of your ID card as a proof of you and your partner’s nationality. You will also need to show these following when applying for a 90-day or 3-month Thai marriage visa;

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of the marriage certificate
  • Copy of your wife’s Thai ID card
  • Copy of your wife’s Tabian Baan
  • Passport size photos

After submitting these and the fee with the application you will be issued a 3-month visa in Thailand. And when you are applying for a 90-day visa at the Thai immigration you will need to show these;

  • Copy of the marriage certificate
  • Passport size photos
  • Copy of you and your wife’s passport;
  • Copy of a map to the house in Thailand;
  • Copy of your Thai bank’s passbook, showing 400,000 THB in the account
  • Copy of marriage photos to establish the relationship
  • Copy of your bank’s passbook, showing income of 40,000THB per month
  • Copy of your Thai wife’s Tabian Baan

One these are handed over, it is likely to take two to three weeks for the process to get done and you will be issued with a 1-year visa. However, if you want to register your marriage in Thailand, you must have a ‘Certificate of no impediment’. As for the format, each Embassy has their format.

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