Why Employee Screening And Background Check Is Important In Thailand?

Once a wrong candidate is recruited, it can result in the downfall of an entire empire which has been built brick by brick for years. Hence, both big and small companies should mandate the process of employee screening and background checks in Thailand. To add to this, a wrong candidate may have criminal records in the past. This can put the company in serious jeopardy. Hence, criminal record check is one of the most important parts of the background check procedure. A candidate, already having a criminal record of theft, fraud or misappropriation may cause harm to the existing company staff and company assets. Thus, such services are, in a way, providing safety and security to the company. This is when certain legal firms step in who offer services like Employee Screening and Background Checks in Thailand.

Employee Screening and Background Check in Thailand

To ensure the reliability of employees, certain background checks need to be conducted in Thailand:

  1. Employment history of the employee
  2. Verification of the dates of employment, positions held in previous companies, and reason for leaving directly from payroll and Human Resources records
  3. All the information obtained needs to be cross-checked with claims on candidate consent forms
  4. Educational verification of the employee
  5. Evaluate if the candidate is honest, skilled and qualified for the position
  6. Criminal records check
  7. Pre-marital records check

Companies need to realize that recruiting an employee means bringing in a new member to an existing family. Such decisions cannot be taken with haste and carelessness. Hence, it is important to do a thorough screening of the employee before recruiting him/her due to the following reasons:

  • Employee screening is essential to secure the company from hazards caused by unethical, under-qualified and employees with criminal histories.
  • Protection of existing staff, customers, and other stakeholders need to be ensured.
  • Company reputation needs to be protected.
  • Employee misconduct may lead to expensive court proceedings. That needs to be avoided.
  • Lower turnover of staff, hiring and training costs
  • Theft in the company and occupational fraudulence is prevented
  • Company assets and confidential data need protection.
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