You will Miss Them If You aren’t Planning Your Retirement in Thailand

Since my childhood, I have been watching my grandpa slogging over the photos of his favorite village on every Sunday afternoon. Considering the ignorant person I am, I never asked the reason behind this until the last day. And it was then I came to know his retirement plan. My grandpa always wanted to settle in the village and do farming. Guys, I know how it feels when after years of hard work you don’t even get to execute your retirement plan as you wanted. It hurts and all you are left with is a few photos to go through. Apply for a retirement visa in Thailand, not for the abundance of amenities it offers, but for a life that you have always wished and deserve.

Retirement Visa in Thailand, Retirement in Thailand

Thailand Retirement visa is available to foreigners who are 50 years or above. They are good for a year and require renewal without having to leave the country. Individuals who are planning their retirement in Thailand must have a bank account with minimum $26,000. If not, then start saving.

Thai food is one thing that is loved by all. And I am not an exception.  In fact, I keep on looking for them in my country too. But this isn’t all that Thailand has to offer. The perks of retiring in Thailand are more than what you can even imagine! From the busy morning market, solo trips upcountry, a wild night out to encountering the new and old at the same time, Thailand is all these. Opps! Did I forget to mention the jungle-topped islands, ancient ruins, Buddhist temples and white-sand beaches? Note them as well, please.

Thai retirement visa application may be processed in your country or in Thailand. Updated passbook, bank letter stating the deposited money, police clearance and medical certificate are some documents that should be submitted to the embassy. While you concentrate in planning your retirement, shoulder the legal formalities upon a law firm as they will make sure to get your visa in no time.

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