Virtual Offices For Rent in Bangkok, Thailand

The concept of working space is strongly associated with the image of a physical space. The focus is largely on the face-to-face contact for carrying out daily business. That is the reason why a majority of the companies conduct their businesses from a central point. However, with evolving technology, this concept of workspace is changing at a fast pace. Now, the emphasis has shifted to the flexibility of conducting business. Virtual offices are the new emerging trends in the business scenario.

Set Up Virtual Office in  Thailand

How To Virtual Office Can Help You in Setting Up Business in Thailand

A virtual office setup will provide you with a professional address without renting an office space. The virtual office agencies give you a proper business address,contact number. They can also handle your day-to-day operations as per your requirement. If you are interested in starting a business in Thailand, you can go for a virtual office setup in Thailand.

Requirements to set up Virtual Office in Thailand

To start a business in Thailand, you have to register your company with the Ministry of Commerce. For that, a proper office address is a must. If you do not want to rent an entire office, you can set up a virtual office in Thailand. Address is generally not an issue for establishing a private limited company in Thailand. However, it can turn into an issue when you have to obtain a VAT certificate. Technology forms the base of a virtual office. So, the essential requirements for a virtual office set up includes:
1. Internet: This will let the virtual office service agency to check emails, host your website and communicate with the clients.
2. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP): This helps us to use phone services over the internet. Using this, the virtual office service agency can connect with your overseas clients, forward the calls to the virtual assistants and even hold conference calls.
3. Unified Messaging System: This system works with the VOIP and runs the phone systems of a virtual office. This system integrates email, video messaging, instant messaging and text messaging, voicemail and fax.
4. Cloud Computing: You can access this web-based service anytime from anywhere. Cloud applications are compatible with numerous Operating Systems such as iOS, Windows and Linux. Theses services are inexpensive.

Advantages of Setting Up a Virtual Office in Thailand

Having a virtual office in Thailand will save you a lot of cost including rent and electricity. You can have an actual office address without renting an office space. Also, the experienced Virtual Assistants (VAs) will handle client communication and the work allocated by the client.

Disadvantages of Setting a Virtual Office in Thailand

A virtual environment lacks the opportunity of employee interaction and scope for networking. Also, over dependence on technology can be a hindrance to work flow. For instance, disturbance in the telecommunication system will disrupt the operations. Moreover, there is no opportunity for teamwork.

How to Become Successful With Virtual Office

Communication is the key to a successful virtual office. Thailand has a very supportive business environment. With the tax benefits and other incentives by the Government, having a virtual office in Thailand can expand your market. It will improve your productivity, thus, helping your business to thrive.