Do you know in the year 2013, over 60% of internal fraud was reported for a job application? Unfortunately, there are still companies who are recruiting employees without a proper background check, imposing a serious risk of damaging their company’s integrity, position and profits.

background checks in Thailand

This may be because either they are running a small business or because the process involves a lot of time and cost.

But a background check or investigation is basically a beneficial process for the company as it researches and compiles complete information about an individual or an organization.

The process of background checking generally involves:

  • Educational verification
  • Verification of the applicant’s past record(s) of employment
  • Criminal record check
  • Individual’s character verification

When is the right time to carry out a background check?

To start with, the employer should first do a basic background check by carefully reviewing the candidate’s curriculum vitae and cover letter.

A detailed check should take place after the interviews and screening procedures are complete and the employer has shortlisted the suitable candidate for the position. A provisional job offer should be provided which would change to confirmation only after the process of background checks are done and the results are positive.

PS: Employer should be aware of the current laws regarding discriminatory hiring and thus should only cross-check information that fits the job description unless it is in the company’s HR policy.

Doing a comprehensive background check is an important part of the hiring process in any field of employment. It can help the company choose qualified and reliable employees. So don’t take a chance when it comes to giving your business the best you can.