Background Checks In Thailand

You owe it to yourself, your customers, your shareholders and your employees to make sure that you know the background of everyone who works for your business. Just one employee who has hidden, for example, a violent past or who been convicted of fraud or theft can bring your business into disrepute, can perhaps involve you in litigation, and possibly kill your business. You know that old saying about one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel of apples, so why take a chance when it comes to hiring employees for your business? Our background checks in Thailand Service ensures that your employees have a clean criminal, education, and employment record, so you can rest easy with your business.

background checks in Thailand

Our background checks service

We conduct the following background check to ensure that your employees are reliable and beneficial to your company:

  • Employment history
  • Verify dates of employment, positions held, and reason(s) for leaving directly from payroll and Human Resources records
  • All information obtained is cross-referenced with claims on candidate consent forms
  • We know how, when, and who to contact for timely results
  • Educational verification
  • Verify the candidate’s highest level of education directly with listed institutions
  • Uncover if the candidate is honest, skilled and qualified for the position
  • We know how, when, and who to contact for timely results
  • Criminal record check
  • Premarital status check

Protect your employees, customers, and shareholders
Basic, Standard and Enhanced Disclosures available

*For more information on Criminal record Checks 

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