Criminal Record Check In Thailand

When you’re recruiting for staff at the higher levels, you most likely will be paying plenty of attention to the academic qualifications and relevant experience of the applicants, but you should also have their background investigated. But what about the lower levels? You don’t need a driver who has a history of drug abuse or running away from traffic accidents; you don’t need a bookkeeper who’s been accused of fraud; you don’t need a warehouse worker who has done time for misappropriation.

Our criminal record check in Thailand protects you by rooting out the most craftily concealed misdemeanors and criminal behavior of your job applicants, so only the best people appear on your interview shortlist.

criminal record check in Thailand

The benefits of a criminal record check

  • Secures your staff, customers and other stakeholders from potentially dangerous individuals.
  • Keeps company assets and confidential data safe.
  • Keeps your company reputation intact.
  • Prevents theft and occupational fraud.

As a foreigner, you need experienced, bi-lingual Thai Criminal lawyers

Because all official documents are written in Thai, foreign businessmen have no idea even about the general subject matter of a Thai document, let alone the content details, so they need to be able to rely on the services of a good criminal law firm. Konrad Legal’s experienced Thai lawyers who are also well versed with your language and requirements, and provide complete assistance to foreigners when it comes to criminal background checks. We understand what potential threat your business might face while hiring employees. We offer extensive criminal lawyers services across different parts of Thailand.

Our Criminal Defense lawyers specialize in

  • Drug Abuse.
  • Extradition.
  • Fraud.
  • Road Traffic Accident.
  • Theft.
  • Robbery.
  • Misappropriation.

Generally, the typical background search will cover a 7-year period prior to the requested date. Our services will work directly with the Royal Thai Police to ensure everything is verified. Once the search is over the employer will receive the results after 15-20 working days.

Other areas practiced by our legal experts include:

  • Serious Crime Abuse-Child Custody & Adoption.
  • Family Law including marriage, divorce, and estate planning.
  • Immigation Law including VISA and Work Permit.
  • BOI and Foreign Business License.
  • E-commerce and Telecommunication.
  • Notary Public Service.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • Debt Recovery.
  • Shipping & Maritime.
  • Corporate Formation.
  • Customs & Tax.
  • Labour Law.
  • English /Thai Translation.
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