Employee Screening and Recruitment In Thailand

When you’re thinking about recruiting someone into your business, you need to know that their previous employment experience is reasonable accurately described in their resume, and that their educational qualifications are real. Employment verification differentiates between truly honest mistakes and any intentional attempt to hide information, or exaggerate previous positions in order to advance the applicant’s career. Employment verification is just one of the many processes that should be undertaken when recruiting new staff.

Importance of Employee Screening Before Recruitment

  • Employee screening services help you keep your company safe and profitable by protecting it against the several pitfalls caused by unqualified, unethical or criminal employees.
  • Protects your staff, customers and other stakeholders from potentially dangerous individuals
  • Keeps your company’s reputation intact
  • Helps to avoid costly court proceedings from employee misconduct
  • Lower turnover of staff, hiring and training costs
  • Ensures you are hiring the right candidate
  • Prevents theft and occupational fraud
  • Protects company assets and confidential data
  • Provides evidence to help protect your company from claims of wrongful dismissal
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