Government Relations

Most businesses have to deal with government departments from time to time, while others do so routinely.

Either way, when there’s a critical personnel change in a public service it can adversely affect the smooth running of your business. In such cases, Konrad Legal, with their extensive contacts at all levels in the administration, can resolve any impediments through proactive negotiations with the concerned regulatory authorities. They can help you in forming and managing government relations programs, as well as identifying and monitoring serious issues. We have sufficient experience and expertise to deal with such cases with the host government.

How we help you in managing your government relations:

Our government relations team serves as an advocate, a negotiator and an ally. We help our clients focus on their relationship-building efforts with the key government agencies, which in turn would be beneficial for their industry. Our team of legal advisors helps you create and maintain advantageous alliances with governmental agencies, independent organizations, competitors, and/or other interested parties. In short, together with the collaboration of our clients, we influence government policy.

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