5 Most Successful Female Entrepreneurs In Thailand

Women in Thailand have always shared equal space with their male counterparts and have been the forerunners in ushering in the economic boom in the last thirty years. Entrepreneurship in Thailand has seen an upswing in recent years with startups flourishing in the current scenario. With an all time high rates in company registrations in Thailand, here is a list of 5 women who have made it to the top:

1. Suwapan Wattanavekin also known as “Ninja” is a hotel heiress that has not just interest in hospitality but also in investment banking and real estate. She is worth 3 billion Baht and is only 27 years of age.

Startups Woman entrepreneur Suwapan Wattanavekin

2. Api Srikarnchana is only 25 and is the owner of Pendulam, Thailand, the creator of famous Thai watches and high-quality time frames. She is estimated to be worth 100 million Baht.

Api Srikarnchana Thailand Business Woman Pendulam

3. Patricia ML Lim is a young and vibrant face of Thailand who is the owner of the burgeoning hotel chain the Privi Hotel Group. As a self-made and extremely low profile entrepreneur in her mid-twenties, Patricia is worth a cool 1 billion Thai Baht.

Patricia ML Lim Thailand Privi Hotel Group

4. Lookchoup Boonratanapitak is a name to reckon with in the literary business in Thailand. She is just 22 and is a renowned writer and columnist, budding publisher with a fan following that is stupendous. She is estimated to be worth 10 million Thai Baht.

Lookchoup boonratanapitak lazy club writer thailand business people

5. Pun Thriratanachat is a Thai sensation and a fashion and apparel designer that has taken the entire country by storm. She has scores of retail outlets across the country and is spreading the word of Thai fashion across Asia and the world. Only 24, Pun is known for her iconic personality and is worth 40 million Thai Baht.

Pun triratanachat Business woman entrepreneur

Along scores of other Thai celebrity entrepreneurs, these women have helped carved a niche for themselves in Thai society!

Img Source: businesswomenbuzz.wordpress.com

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