How Can a Foreigner Buy Land In Thailand?

Buying a land in Thailand is not permitted to a foreigner. But, if you are still interested in buying a land then there are two options. That is:

  • Either hold a lease of about 30 years or purchase the property through a Thailand Limited company.
  • The apartment can only be purchased if 51% of the people living in the building are Thais.

Here, are a few alternatives that you can consider if you want to buy a land in Thailand.

1. Land Leasing In Thailand

A foreigner is only allowed to lease a land for about 30 years. Leasing mostly occurs when a foreigner decides to marry a Thai citizen. It does not matter from whom you lease the property, what matters is all the data on the agreement is accurate and has an appropriate title.

2. Purchasing Land Through A Company

When you own a business in Thailand buying a land might turn out to be easier. But, it is required that the company should be 51% owned by a Thai citizen. They just need to sign over the company rights to you. Make sure that the Immigration Office is aware of this procedure.

3. Buying An Apartment

As per the legal restriction on foreigners to purchase a land in Thailand, buying an apartment on his/her name turns out to be a wise idea. But, this can only be done, if 51% of the residences in the building are that of Thai citizens.


Agreeing to these rules and regulation will help you to buy a land in Thailand without any hassle. If you still have some more questions in your mind, you can definitely contact Konrad Legal as they will be happy to help you with their services.

For further information on buying a land or property in Thailand, contact Konrad Legal.

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