How to Market a Business in Thailand?

marketing business in Thailand

Thai work permit? Check! A bank account in Thailand? Check, company registration? Check, accounting services? Check, Board of Investment Registration? Check and digital marketing services? Uh, is that even required? This is what exactly happens every time I ask the new business owners in Thailand. Though they are aware of the legal formalities require starting a business, they hardly realize the advantages of digital marketing. The majority of them still believe in following the same, old marketing structure. While old is gold is true, it is best suitable in relation to songs, movies and of course wine and definitely not something that is ever changing, i.e., marketing. Let’s have a look at the different ways of marketing a business in Thailand online and realize the benefits;

  • Get a Website: With a simple, neat and clean and informative website, you assure your business’ online presence. This way you make your company more visible to potential clients.
  • Blogging: The more you post online, including news, market trends, and updates, the more success you will get. Like, someone sitting in Sweden when searches ‘restaurants in Thailand’ or ‘food in Thailand’ he will come across your post. Moreover, you will have someone commenting on the blogs while creating a personal relationship between you and the prospect. Blogging can work effectively only when you post regularly, consistently. Also, make sure you don’t make each and every blog an advertisement.
  • Get Your Business on Free Directories: There are so many free business directories in Thailand. Upload your business profile on each of them. I am sure this won’t cost you much time. Note, as your business grows you must update the profile in order to maintain consistency.
  • Publish Free Press Releases: Same as posting blogs, it is equally crucial to post free press release every week. You might write about a new product, new event or a new employee. No matter what you post it should be something that will interest your prospective client.
  • Social Media Marketing: SMM is ruling. Your business must have a social media page, like having a Facebook page through which you can promote your business effectively.

So, now that you know how digital marketing can have an impact on the success of your business in Thailand, look for such a service now.

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