Step By Step Process Of Setting Up A Restaurant Business In Thailand

Most of the foreign investors are fascinated in starting a restaurant business in Thailand. The company registration procedures are easier than any other country in the world.

Step-by-Step Procedures of the Setting up a restaurant business in Thailand

Step 1: Choose the business location

First you will need to settle your business address looking for the best location in Thailand to put up your business.

Step 2: Finalizing Company Structure And Initiating Registration

Once you have settled your Company Business address you can initiate the registration process.You can start with the signing of the documents and finalizing the company structure or organizational structure.

Step 3: Appointing A Thai Director

It is advised to appoint one Thai Director to expedite the registration of the company and License required to your business.

Step 4: Register The Company With Ministry Of Commerce

It will take 2 weeks to register your company with Ministry of commerce. (Includes all the preparations of documents) (If the landlord documents are complete).

Step 5: VAT and Tax Registration

It will take 2 Days. Since the objectives of the company will be to generate income in Thailand you will be required to be VAT registered and this will also enable you to acquire Work permit.

Setting up a restaurant business Thailand Step by Step Process
Step by Step Process of Setting up a restaurant business in Thailand

Step 6: Social Security Registration

Next, it takes 2 days to register Thai employee to Social Security Systems. This will also enable you to acquire work permit (4 Thai Employees)

Step 7: Application of your Food License

Officer will check the location if the company meet the safety precaution for Restaurant Business. ( 2 Months Approval )

Step 8: Work Permit

Once all the above steps have been done, then we can apply for work permit. The Labor department has a 2- steps process for approving any Foreigner to work in Thailand:

Application of WP3/ Initial application of work permit

(7 working days) approval from the labor. The Labor Department will issue an approval letter which is necessary for obtaining your Business Visa from the nearest Thai consulate/ embassy in your country. You will have to be out of Thailand while processing your WP3.

Apply work permit:

Once you acquire the Business visa (usually Consulate will give you 3 months Business visa) we can apply for the work permit.

Step 9: Extension of Business Visa

(One year) – Once you got the work permit we can apply for visa extension inside Thailand. (Company should have 3 months Filling of Social fund, 3 Months filling with Vat and 1 month filling of Personal income Tax).

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  1. February 8, 2017

    dear sir or madam
    i am ali from iran
    i want open resturant in bangkok for serve food and water pipe (shisha)

    I want to know how much it costs to register these shops and a few days Submit it takes

  2. February 10, 2017

    Dear Mr.Alire, We sent you the details of restaurant registration in Thailand. Please let us know if you have any queries. Thanks for contacting us.

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