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Top 10 unknown business opportunities for foreigners (expats) in Thailand:

Nowadays most people are quitting jobs to start their own business and so are looking out for opportunities overseas not just to earn a handsome wealth but also to travel and explore new places, cultures, and experiences. Have you ever thought of doing business in Thailand?

Thailand, the land of free, is not just a good tourist destination; it also is a newly industrialized country which is offering many business opportunities for foreigners. All you need to do is look for an industry or field that is relatively new or less known, to earn good profit in the long term. Here we have a list of some less explored business opportunities in Thailand:

1. Teaching

If you like teaching and have a TEFL certificate then Thailand is waiting for you. Being a tourist place it needs its inhabitants to know and communicate in the most widely spoken language in the world. Hence, there is always the great demand for teachers to help develop English speaking skills.

Teaching opportunities in Thailand

2. Translation services

An ever-growing industry with infinite opportunities especially in a place like Thailand where people from all countries travel and work and also because all their documents are available in their native Thai language. Therefore, to bridge the communication gap there is the huge requirement of translation services/linguists.

Translation Services in Thailand for foreigners

3. Freelance Writer

Today every business makes use of websites and social media platforms to connect with its audience and it is the powerful content that makes it possible. Hence there is a constant look out for creative writers, so if you can write well this is it. Make money by simply starting a freelance writing business that too at the comfort of your home.

Freelance writer business for foreigners in Thailand

4. Web & Graphic Design Company

Realising the importance of effective online marketing, the whole world is now online. Thailand too is aware of this development and wants to join the race. So, investing in a web and graphic designing company can be fruitful.

webdesign business opportunities in Thailand for foreigners

5. Healthcare services & products

Deteriorating climate conditions is one of the biggest concerns for Thailand and so there is increasing health awareness among the Thais. Starting a professional healthcare business by providing high quality yet affordable services and products will be a profitable venture.

Health care business products in Thailand for foreigners

6. Automobile and machinery

One of the less explored business areas in Thailand is inviting people to make investments in Thailand’s transportation sector. So if you are into this industry and want to expand your business, you can make lots of profit here.

Automobile industry business opportunity Thailand

7. Diving school

Surrounded by several beaches and islands, Thailand is a paradise for water sports and activities. Under such circumstances, starting a diving school in Thailand will be a favorable and profitable business.

Diving school business thailand


8. Resort or guesthouse

Again, for the same reason that Thailand is surrounded by beaches and islands, setting up resorts or guesthouses business can be a good idea provided you serve advanced facilities and best hospitality to the guests.

Resort and Guest house business in Thailand for foreigners

9. Consultancy firm

As Thailand is growing as an industrialized country it intensely requires consultancy firms who would provide them with expert advices in almost all fields like human resource, healthcare, security, etc.

Consultancy Business in Thailand for foreigners

10. Recycling unit

With a number of wastes increasing every day due to population inflation, the importance of recycling is now being felt. Like every country, Thailand would also be producing a lot of wastes half of which could be recycled. So by setting up a recycling unit you can do well to the planet and also your business.

Recycle Business in Thailand for foreigners

PS: If you are willing to set up a business in Thailand, please remember to go through all the legal rules and formalities beforehand.

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