So, what’s the Big Deal about the Thai ID card?

What is the fuss about Thai ID card? I mean my mail is loaded with how to get Thai ID card? Of course, I know its importance, but all I am wondering is about the sudden uproar. Anyway, it’s good for Thai government as it is the evidence of the growing interest of the foreigners about the country.

Thai ID Card For Foreigners, Foreigners Thailand ID Card

The Thai ID cards come in pink and yes they are written in Thai only. It will cost you somewhere around 60 baht and is valid for ten years. You must be wondering about the benefit of having a Thai identity card. Well, it serves as a proof of your registered address. It will help you in applying for an account in your desirable bank, for transferring a two-wheeler or acquiring a license. One of the biggest advantages of having this with you is you won’t need to carry your passport everywhere.  In fact, with this ID card, you can easily board a domestic flight. Also, applying for a bank loan would be so easy with this.

Obtaining Thai ID card for foreigners wouldn’t be that difficult. You will have to make sure all your documents are ready. You will require copies of your passport, valid visa or visa extension and a copy of a yellow house book. What is interesting about these pink ID cards is that they can transfer information digitally with the help of a magnetic strip. I see so much technology there!

By the way, the need for having a Thai ID card for foreigners is a recent development. This thing came up after the bomb attack that took place at the Erawan Shrine in 2015. So, this is completely a new law in Thailand. There are many who aren’t yet aware of it. Now that you know, make sure to enlighten others

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  1. November 6, 2017

    I do not have yellow house book on my name so how can I get pink ID card,

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