Foundation Establishment In Thailand

If you want to establish a Foundation in Thailand for the purpose of supporting any legally registered charity, literature, education, religion, science or any public interest activity with money donated by individuals, families and corporations, you may do so, provided that no director, trustee or member of your foundation will directly benefit from the activities of the Foundation.

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Setting up your Foundation in Thailand:

  • You may set up a foundation subject to the above conditions and those which follow:
  • The foundation must have allocated funds from its source for the operation in Thailand
  • These funds must be used in meeting only the objectives of the foundation, such as those mentioned above
  • These funds must not be used for personal benefit
  • The assets and revenue gained must be spent directly on the objectives and must not be divided amongst its members.
  • Its founders must register the foundation, declaring its:
    • name
    • physical office address
    • objectives
    • assets which are allocated as the operating fund
    • a board of committee members
    • regulations of the board of committee members

Required Documents

  • List of assets of the owners.
  • List of allocated assets for the foundation and a registered document promising to donate these assets.
  • Copy of testament if an asset was provided to the foundation.
  • Name, address and profession of all members of the board of directors of the foundation.
  • Rules and regulations of the foundation.
  • Copy of the ID card or other types of identification cards issued by the government
  • Copy of the house registration of the owners and members of the board of directors (for priests or foreigners, other documents reflecting their status and address will be enough).
  • Map of the principal office and other branch offices (if any) and the written consent of the landlord or owner of these properties.
  • Minutes of the meeting convened for the establishment of the Foundation.

Please contact us for any assistance that you may require in connection with the setting up and operation of your foundation. Other related services that we will be happy to provide to you include virtual office or executive desk space, at a fraction of the cost of a regular office, which will provide you with all the office facilities that you will require, and this can be arranged literally in a matter of hours.

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